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*Sleepy Hollow (newest obsession)
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*some Marvel
*Boardwalk Empire (I still miss the Darmodys)
*Books (pics & random reviews)
*random sexy beasts
This is a multi-fandom blog. I alternately reblog modern obsessions & vintage loves. Just deal with it.
Draw a deep breath;
stop thinking; count fifteen, and you're as right as rain...

Jimmy Stewart, 1939

                  Team Free Will!

        Photoplay 1932

[Source: spuzzlightyeartoo.]

Artwork by Anne Harriet Fish for Gin and Ginger by Lady Kitty Vincent c.1927 via

Sally Rand - vintage 8x10 photo 
This is an early Silent film era photo of Sally Rand.  Sally is now famous for her fan and balloon dance routines, but prior to becoming a burlesque star, Sally was a successful silent film actress.  She had prominent roles in at least 26 films, and worked with the famous director/producer Cecil B. DeMille.  In fact, DeMille is credited with giving Sally her now famous stage name, prior to meeting him she had been performing under the name Billie Beck - Beck being her real last name.  Unfortunately, when ‘talkies’ - films with sound - came out, Sally was unable to continue with her film career, due to a lisp.  

Clara Bow and Buddy Rogers on the set of Wings, 1927

Soldier & Pretty French Girl by J.C. Leyendecker
Ah, language barriers. Poor fellow, hehe.
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Minnie Mouse loves her flowers from Mickey in “Puppy Love” (1933)

“Outside Chance” by Al Leslie c. 1940s
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But to be fair, Pepper is in LA, JARVIS refuses to respond after the eggnog incident and drunk is really the only way to listen to Christmas carols.