Things I Blog About Include:
*1920s Era
*Classic / Vintage Hollywood (pictures & random movie reviews)
*Al Pacino (seriously. a lot of Alfredo James Pacino)
*Vintage/ Beautiful art
*Doctor Who (10 is my doctor)
*Supernatural (Sam girl)
*Sherlock (yeah, i ship Johnlock)
*Game of Thrones (I bend the knee to Stannis Baratheon)
*The Walking Dead
*Merlin (Morgana is my Queen)
*Harry Potter
*Hannibal (Will Graham=bb)
*Sleepy Hollow (newest obsession)
*Agents of Shield (mostly bc of Phil Coulson)
*some Marvel
*Boardwalk Empire (I still miss the Darmodys)
*Books (pics & random reviews)
*random sexy beasts
This is a multi-fandom blog. I alternately reblog modern obsessions & vintage loves. Just deal with it.
Draw a deep breath;
stop thinking; count fifteen, and you're as right as rain...
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Robert De Niro, 1971

Jax Teller! Rude! Rude! Stoppit with the hair and the tragic Hamlet shit, already! And, don’t smile again, ever…it makes me hot and bothered.

No, I didn’t watch Serpico twice in one week. Honest!

Arthur Kirkland you idealistic, beautiful son of a bitch. I hate you so fucking much. YOU’RE out of order!